Quotes > Frank A. Clark Quotes > Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.

Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.

- Frank A. Clark

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We've put more effort into helping folks reach old age than into helping them enjoy it.

- Frank A. Clark

Be generous in giving and grateful in receiving.

- Anonymous

The law of prosperity is generosity. If you want more, give more.

- Bob Proctor

Generosity: The habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return.

- Anonymous

A thing is bigger for being shared.

- Gaelic

First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do.

- Epictetus

You can change what you do, but you can't change what you want.

- Thomas Shelby

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.

- Benjamin Franklin

Dreams don't work unless you Do.

- John C. Maxwell

Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.

- Benjamin Franklin

You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be. It’s their mistake, not my failing.

- Richard Feynman

I had no dreams of such economic success. You should have fun and not be so weighed down by expectations.

- Sergey Brin

The most exquisite paradox - As soon as you give it all up, you can have it all.

- Ram dass

The minute you don't want power, you'll have more than you ever dreamed possible.

- Ram dass

Freedom (n.): To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.

- Ayn Rand

Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil.

- Aristotle

Honesty is a very expensive gift, Don't expect it from cheap people.

- Warren Buffett