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Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.

- Ken Poirot

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"Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want." - Quote Meaning

This quote emphasizes effective time management and how important it is to make decisions today, which helps shape your tomorrow. You sure are familiar with the terms and positive quotes about optimizing time for your benefit. But do you understand what it means to work with time?

Most people have the same issue when it comes to time. It's either too much or has no time at all. They prefer to put things off or take them for granted. Nobody is immune to this predicament. In the words of a procrastinator, why do today what you can do tomorrow?

You don't have to follow motivators who wake up at three or four in the morning and listen to audiobooks at twice the speed. But you can learn about how they maximize their use of time. You don't have to multitask as much as they are. But you need to know how to be more efficient in using your time.

The key is understanding that you have all the opportunities right at this very second. The very moment that defines your future is not further than now. And you need to know that you have the chance to build your tomorrow.

Why today and Not tomorrow?

Of course, the questions that everyone asks. Why must it be today? Why can't it be tomorrow? Did you know that an adult makes at least 30,000 decisions every day? And since there are 86400 seconds every day, that means an adult decides every two seconds.

Deciding whether you are going to cook because you're hungry, ignoring the itch, or scratching it off are just some of the decisions you make every day. The sheer number of decisions shouldn't faze you. The real question is how many effective decisions you make in one day.

Remember that your future is all about everything you do today. Any decisions you make tomorrow are the continuations of the ones you make today. You are now the result of all of the decisions you made in the past. All those bad and good decisions shape you to be who you are. When you realize this fact, it's easier to focus on building a better tomorrow.

It's easy to reminisce and wonder about so many what-ifs situations. But it's better to focus on avoiding falling into the same hole. The best time to make any decision that can help you in the future is now.

Say that you want to own a car in two years. Now is the best time for you to start saving for that car. Put aside some money consistently, and in two years, you will have enough for a car. The same with learning a new skill such as a new language or coding. Why waste more time when you can do it now?

Many people don't realize the importance of time. It's the same people who don't realize how strong they are. They have all the power to change their future, and it starts today. To be specific, it starts at this second. So whatever your dream is, understand that your decision at this second will shape your tomorrow.

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I can't believe I forgot to go to the gym today. That's like 7 years in a row now.

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